How to start creating and recording guided meditation audio.

My 5 Top Reasons to Create Guided Processes and Meditation Audio.



Answering the call

Have you ever thought about recording a guided meditation?  It's probably something you've been meaning to do for a while right?  

Note, even though I wrote this  blog about recording guided meditations, in writing this, I realized it's true for everything I've created recently.   Everything from hip hop beats, meditation music, puppet shows, guided journeys and even my first on-line course.

You felt that inner inkling, that spark of a great idea or vision that keeps coming back to visit you.  Is it because deep down inside you know that you have a gift?  You know that it's an important gift, and that you are here to share it.   It's because  you believe in yourself, well hey, I believe in you too.   If you are anything like me, you've been on an epic journey and now things are beginning to  ripen, it's time to share.

Obstacles are the path

Inevitably it seems, there are always obstacles on the path.  As a content creator I know this all to well.  Here's something I witness.  When I create music for guided meditations,  there are people who have licensed my music and had no problem at all recording.  Then there were others who seemed to keep getting defeated, one obstacle after the next, unfortunately they were never were able to record even one meditation. 

We've got to break it down to into  small sweet baby steps, that make the ovewhelm managable,  feed your motivation, nourish your vision, and call you into your highest service and compassionate action.  

I felt a joyful responsibility somehow to help and support  the people who work with my music to create their very best works.    

Oh those pesky obstacles.  In fact some people would say, the obstacles are the path!  Believe me, I know what it's like to set out to do something with a lot of enthusiasm and passion, only to hit roadblock after roadblock, losing steam, becoming more and more deflated.

Wait, don't abandon ship yet.  I believe in you, I believe in myself.   I'm  here to help and  I'm really glad  this article has found you.   My intention is  here to help you create your best work.   Recording, writing, making music and creating for me has been an incredible journey and I'm happy to say I'm only just beginning.  

Consider this helpful framework that I learned from Jim Kwik.  There are 3 things that you can examine when you are not getting the results you want.  

  1. Motivation

  2. Mindset

  3. Method

This first article is really about number one, your  motivation.  Yes, there will be other obstacles, like microphones, recording software, where to get free or affordable music, should I charge, should I not charge, how much should I charge.   

Then there are the doubts about if you are ready, or even good enough.  When you look at these 3 things, which one(s) are you struggling with the most right now? 

Which one do you think is the most important for you right now?  Is it, Motivation, Mindset, or your Method.   For the sake of this article, I'm gonna presume you've felt the spark, the inspiration, your heeding the call,  now you'll need to explore and  tune up  your motivation,  mindset and method to carry you through.   

I want to share with you my top 5 reasons, reasons being  the motivation.  Motivation being just  1/3 of what you need when you'll inevitably encounter obstacles on the path and are faced with abandoning ship.   Did I mention that I believe in you! 

When I look at the used marketplace, there is an abundance of podcast equipment for sale.  Whether it seemed like a good idea at the time, or it ended up not being their cup of tea, or that people  just  weren't tuned into a deep enough  motivation that would carry them through the inevitable  obstacles. 

Spending time getting in touch with and deepening your motivation will ensure your success.   Let me share my own motivation's with you and might it help to spark your own

If you have other reasons I'd love to hear them and you can put them in the comment section. 




1.  Share your light.  

Sounds cliche and too simple right? 
"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened, it's own light not dimmed. Happiness never decreases by being shared."   -paraphrase the Buddha

I once was in a ceremony which I knew from sitting many times, would be very difficult.  My dear friend Lara very carefully placed candles that she lit on the stairwell.  She did this  so people could find their way to the bathroom as they would inevitably stumble through the darkness.   In that moment I realized what a beautiful heart she had.   This was the heart of wisdom and compassion. 
I realized that throughout my life,  other people with their wisdom and compassion,  have left lights out in the darkness,  so that I could also find my way.   It is our evolutionary path that leads to service, leaving a light in the darkest of places so that people could find their way back home.   

You are here to share your light, as others have shared it with you, and in that process you naturally help others find their light.   An evolutionary path  inevitably leads us to be in service to others.  Creating a guided recording is like that light that helps to light 1,000 other candles without losing it's light.   It allows you to be in many places, giving your gift many places at  once without losing any of your own light.


2.  What you teach, you  inevitably need to learn.     

Yes you are sharing what you have learnt, the teaching process, is a necessary part of our own evolution towards  a more complete understanding and inevitable self mastery.   We teach because we have to, in order to keep learning, growing and evolving.

So if you are worried that you don't know enough, or that there are other people who are more skilled, knowledgable or experienced than you, consider this.  In alignment with  your heart and intention, the right energetic support  will come to assist you. 
You  teach what you know, and in doing so you teach what you need to learn to complete your own understanding.  I have found this to be true over and over again in my own evolutionary process.   So yes do it for others in loving service, but you are also partaking  for your own evolution.  Teacher's teach because they have to.

This being said, there is a saying a man with a just a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.  Referring to someone with incomplete knowledge propogating and teaching more misunderstanding.   My own internal fears about being that man haunted me for a long time.  What I can say is that this is a necessary part of one's own internal journey, and as you test yourself and get tested, the answer will become clear for you.  It's a journey of finding your authentic voice.   I believe in you!  

I have found that when I teach and share what I know, I become lucid to how much I don't know.   In that process, of ernestly and generously sharing everything I know, and don't know, something incredible happens.  A big inner space opens up for me to resume and continue the joyful ride on the growth edge of my own learning.  It's exciting, inspiring, and puts me in touch with who I really am.   It's a refreshing contrast as I notice where I've stopped being curious, stopped learning and growing.  

You can still teach and share and not have be or posture as an expert.  In fact I've found there is a magic in sharing and teaching through your own willingness to admit you don't know.

3.  You are building a library.

Imagine, a recorded library of all of your most essential processes, practices, tools and meditations to be available for others to access. 
Where are you spending valuable time repeating yourself teaching and where is that not absolutely necessary for you to be present.  Maybe you would like a teaching assistant but don't have one yet.  Well now you do.  Imagine how this might free up your own time and energy.  Ideally wouldn't you like to have more time to tend to more of whatever else you really want to be doing?   
On one  hand you have added more value to your existing clientele  with a library of resources to support  them with their desired outcomes.   

On another hand by creating guided recordings whether they be meditations, affirmations, guided journeys. mini-courses or full length courses, you are able to solve the problem of not being affordable or accessible to  the people who could benefit from your work the most. 

You are able to give your gift simultaneously and be many places at once.  You can create a scale and different tiers for people to experience and access your work, while ultimately valuing your time and one on one presence more.  Not everybody is ready, able or willing to work with you one on one yet, so don't feel bad about that.  Instead feel good about what your doing to make your work more available to more people who could really benefit from it but aren't able to afford it, or access it. 
To create a library of your most essential, and inspiring work is a valuable investment that can also have financial benefits.  Not only are you in many places at once, you are helping the people who don't even know they looking for you discover you more easily. 

Our time here, at least the way we experience it in our physical form and mortality is finite.   As you explore, tune and deepen your motivation, the time  you spend creating your best works is without a doubt valuable time invested.     

All of this ultimately allowing you to choose more often how you really want to  spend your time in the end, on what  really matters to you  most.   

You know what, that's not all.  I was really struggling to create a course on a particular subject because I didn't think  my knowledge about it was complete.   There was nobody else I knew teaching on that subject in the way it had come to life for me.  I realized that I needed to share, I needed to share for my nieces, for my nephews, for my future descendants.  It challenged me to shape my voice to be more accessible.  I had to look to the future and beyond myself to find the motivation to share.   I know they will need everything we can give them to navigate and thrive on this planet after we are gone.    This is a grand library you are helping to build that will live on the internet.  

In many ways I always felt like I never inherited any wisdom from my family, although that's not actually true, consider not letting your living wisdom go to the grave with you, even if you don't have children or nieces and nephews.   Consider anybody who would come after you who might need to hear some of your story, to hear what you have learned via something you have to share truely from your heart.   


4.  You are  a Creator.

Whether you believe in a higher power or not, we all come from somewhere.  I believe, that in the act of creating, we  are participating in creativity.  In doing so we become closer to where we come from, the source of all creation.  In participating and expressing your creativity you are renewing your own life force.  If you sent your intention so, your creativity is a path that leads you to touch the sacred within, and all around you. 

In creating, you leave yourself open to be a student of the creative process,
which in my experience is never quite how I totally planned it.  From the spark of a vision, carried by your motivation, you join those who have also discovered in their own way the pricelessness of a joyfull creative mistake, the accidentally discoveries that renew the awe and wonder and possibility that life has to offer. 

I don't believe that any of creation is a solo act of creation.  Even as I am writing this I can feel life, for lack of better words creating with me, helping me to choose my words.  What I am writing is becoming more than I could have ever imagined.

You are a creator, and  creativity is your birthright, it  renews and humbles  you with the awe of true discovery.   Magic and the freshness of possibliity awaits you.


5.  Earn more money doing what you love.

I've saved this one for last, because I've had to spend a lot time in my own life understanding the motivations that warrant wanting to make more money in a world where the disparity between rich and poor already  breaks my heart everyday.   

I've had  to grapple with how I value my own work, my ability to receive,  and  understand my own money and scarcity issues.

I've saved this one for last because I know if my other motivations aren't in tune, this last motivation can destroy me.  Earning money  just for the sake of having more has not brought out the best in me.  That being said, it will not stop me from working towards true financial wealth, prosperity and abundance.   

Unfortunately I can't  give you some fantasy about creating some meditations or courses and then getting instantly rich.   You have to understand how to distribute your work and help people discover, access and ultimately want to pay you money because they value your work. 
It takes experimentation, hardwork and committment.  In order to succeed you have to be willing to fail.   You have to be willing to have another job.  You'll need to ask and receive feedback to better understand what is and not working as well as it could be.   You have to understand your audience and what people need and want  while staying true to yourself. 
It is a journey worth all of your gifts and talents, but it's not for everybody.   As you tune into and deepen your own motivation, you'll have more of what it takes to overcome the inevitable obstacles.  You will have the sweet taste of  seeing the manifestation of your vision come to fruition, the sharing of your best works with the people who could serve to benefit from it the most. 

So whether you are creating meditations for fun, buiding a library and selling your meditations to clients, posting them on Youtube or platforms like Insight Timer to grow your audience, understand and be open the law of reciprocity.   Don't just spend your time and energy, invest it on something that will renew, and regenerate your own relationship to abundance. 
Thanks for taking the time to read this article, may it find you well and I look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments or via e-mail.   Feel free to peruse my music library or send me a note if you don't find what you need.

I look forward to writing the next articles and building an epic course to support you in creating your best works as you serve your people, gift your gift and help to uplift all of life on our beautiful planet Mother Earth.

with loving kindness,
Marcus Fung

Marcus Fung is a Canadian born Chinese living in Treaty 6 territory  Amiskwaciwâskahikan, Edmonton, Alberta.   He is a music composer, storyteller, drum circle facilitator, meditator, ritualist, martial artist, and advocate of flow, inner genius and creativity.          

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Wow thanks for writing this Marcus it is very exciting to be with you on this journey. Thanks for the motivation to want to share something with the world! Blessings


A brilliant artist and article. You live the creative process every day. I continually learn from you. I am now imagining myself more as one who creates content. I have a gift to share as we all do. Do I want to take the library of me to my grave or am I willing to make my gift live out loud? As I write the starting line is coming into view a book falls open and the readying begins. Thank you Marcus 🌟✨🎁

Kate Thompson

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